We believe that every humanitarian effort deserves great creative.

We create powerful visual products and strategic solutions.

We provide a complete suite of creative and production services.

We do our work so our clients can keep doing theirs.


What we Provide

Skiprock is a full-service creative and design agency focused on partnering with UN development agencies, NGOs, non-profits, and general all around heroes of the planet.

We provide valuable creative insights and guidance for our clients, most often starting before the creative projects are even determined. We find our value is most utilized by being present with our clients early on and often – many times consulting as a stand-in communications or creative director for those clients who don't have staff dedicated to these roles.

For clients with a full creative staff, we often act as project or mission-based consultants. We arrive early to discuss the vision, the objectives of the project, and the measurable outcomes – ending with the best possible creative plan.

Skiprock provides its clients with a full service creative team of over 100 creative professionals. Our services include graphic design, publication layout (in all UN languages - and more), animation, illustration, photography, film & video, illustration, web design & development, logo design, event design and creative, and overall creative project consulting to help our clients launch projects successfully.


Client Experience

Our clients are powerful change makers for good.



Effective, joyful, and engaging creative. We provide creative planning and strategy for our client's projects and events and help them align the results around their overall strategic goals of their organization.

Our goal is to provide value, insights, and delightful creative to each client interaction. 

Campaign Development
Digital Media Campaign
Social Media Strategy 
Branding Exercises
Photographic Storytelling 
Event Creative / Concepts
Website Planning


The backbone of our services is our team of 25+ creatives that provide design, production, layout, planning, and project management for our clients. As a full-service agency, our capabilities include:

Print and Digital Media
Film / Video
Information graphics
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Publication Layout
Multi-language Support


As mentioned above, this is where the resources are dramatically saved, great ideas are hatched, and bad ideas are often avoided. We strongly urge our clients to bring Skiprock into their strategic planning sessions to help support and guide their creative efforts and resource usage.  

Curt Wagner is available on a per-event or per-day basis, and is available for planning session and speaking engagements around the topic of creative strategy and planning in the development sector.


The Team

Skiprock employs a small army of mad geniuses around the world and assembles them with brilliance to bring you the best possible team for your project. Here are a few of us. Nice to meet you too!


Curt Wagner
Founder / Creative Director

Curt is Skiprock’s founder and creative director. He provides strategic and creative direction for Skiprock’s clients and will be your primary contact throughout the project. 

His 20 years of creative work include creative and strategic collaborations with the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Microsoft, The World Food Programme, DFID, and The Centre for International Development and Training, amongst many others.


Michele Robichaux

Words make the world go 'round! Thanks to Michele, our clients get expert writing and editing support - all so that audiences feel heard, tone is consistent and clear, and every important message gets delivered.

When she's not saving the day at Skiprock, she's photographing all the hearts she can over at her instagram, #heartingaroundtheworld

Robert Gühne

Robert is Skiprock’s lead web and app designer and developer. He is fluent in Interaction Design, Web Development and Project Management. He coordinates a team of five developers and UX/UI designers. When he's not buried in code, Robert works on his incredible portable photo booths he's built from the ground up.


Mark Brautigam
Art Director / Photography

Mark is Skiprock’s art director and designer and has 12 years of experience in both print and interactive design. He spent the previous 9 years working for such brands as Harley-Davidson, Mercury Marine, SRAM, Target, and REI.

Additionally, he is an accomplished photographer with work in the collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Haggerty Museum of Art, and the Racine Art Museum, as well as numerous private collections.


david mansell-moullin
DIRECTOR of FILM & Photography

David's experience is unique, combining in-depth technical and scientific understanding of sustainability with expertise in visual storytelling, photography and video production. He's worked at all stages in the production process, from script writing to editing, including as an executive producer, cameraman and aerial drone film-maker.




The culture of Skiprock is what we call 'serious fun.'

It is our dedication to engaging with our clients,
their supporters, and their constituents.

We honor the work they do, become knowledgeable about what they do,
what they need, and what they are striving toward.

If we're lucky and do our job right, we get to be part
of that organization for a while.